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Our story

A Legacy in the Making

Our story began with a genuine desire to leave a legacy that would echo through time - for the land, for its wildlife, and for generations to come. We envisioned a place where luxury and sustainability would coexist harmoniously, and where guests could immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of South Africa’s Lapalala Wilderness Reserve. To this end, we have committed to be 100% non-for-profit, thereby giving any proceeds we make back to the Lapalala Wilderness for conservation.

Our story

The beginning

It all started with a vision of creating a different kind of safari lodge—one that operated off the grid, embraced sustainable technologies, and contributed to the land and its people. We wanted to leave a conservation legacy and Lepogo Lodges was born out of that wish.

We pledged that any of our profits would be returned to Lapalala for future conservation projects and then set about creating the most luxurious sustainable lodge we could so that our high rates would yield more profit for future conservation. Our first project was to sponsor the reintroduction of the endangered cheetah onto the reserve, this beautiful animal close to our hearts and at the core of who we are – Lepogo means Cheetah in Sotho.

Our story

Protect and conserve

Conservation is at the core of everything we do so that our wilderness can be preserved for generations to come.

meet the team

The lepogo family

The Lepogo Family extends beyond blood ties. It encompasses a dedicated team of individuals who share a deep commitment to our brand’s values. We are united by our love for nature, our pursuit of conservation, and our passion for creating unforgettable guest experiences.

Our impact

Community &

Community and conservation are at the heart of Lepogo’s ethos. We are proud custodians of the land. Our initiatives include supporting local communities, carbon offset programs, and wildlife conservation efforts. We are not just a lodge; we are a force for positive change.

Our key initiatives include:

  • Supporting local communities through education and sustainable development.
  • Implementing carbon offset programs to negate our carbon footprint.
  • Actively participating in wildlife conservation projects to protect and preserve the region's unique biodiversity.
  • Collaborating with local organisations to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem within Lapalala.
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“Lepogo Lodges, is introducing luxury travelers to South Africa’s protected Lapalala Wilderness on one-of-a-kind safaris giving insight into this unique reserve’s conservation initiatives.”