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Our impact

preserving and protecting for
future generations

Our mission is to leave a lasting impact on the environment, wildlife, and local communities. As custodians of the land, we believe in the importance of preserving the pristine landscapes and conserving endangered species so that Lapalala Wilderness Reserve can thrive for generations to come.

Our impact

Protecting Our Wildlife

The Lapalala Wilderness Reserve is home to incredible wildlife, from Africa’s awesome eight to the smaller and often overlooked species. We are dedicated to safeguarding this precious ecosystem by actively participating in wildlife conservation efforts. Our goal is to protect and nurture the diverse species that call this land their home. Some of our conservation initiatives include the Cheetah Breeding & Reintroduction Programme, supporting the Pangolin Conservation Project and the Private Rhino Sanctuary. We have also spearheaded the introduction of additional buffalo onto the reserve to aid the restoration of the interconnected habitat.

Our impact

engaging local communities

Our impact extends beyond the boundaries of our lodges. We engage with local communities, supporting them through education, sustainable development, and job opportunities. By empowering the people who live in and around Lapalala, we are contributing to the well-being of the region and fostering a sense of stewardship for the land.

Our impact

preserving our environment

Our commitment to the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve is unwavering. We actively participate in preservation efforts, implement carbon offset programs to negate our environmental footprint, and work collaboratively with local organisations to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem within Lapalala. We take pride in our commitment to innovative solutions from our solar walkway pioneers in creating the first solar walkway and harnessing the power of natural resources to our community stove project, where we cover most of the carbon offset costs of guest travel. This initiative enables us to provide carefully designed, highly efficient stoves to the community. Each of these stoves saves every household 2.5 tons of wood per year, resulting in a substantial reduction in emissions. Our aim is not only to offer unforgettable experiences while leaving a lighter footprint but also to preserve and protect for future generations to enjoy.

our impact

carbon offset program

We offset every international guests' carbon footprint from when they leave their homes to when they arrive at our lodge and back again. Our team calculates your total carbon emissions for your journey and converts this to a monetary figure which you can then allocate to one of our sustainability projects, the most popular of which is our own Community Stove Project.

“Lepogo Lodges, is introducing luxury travelers to South Africa’s protected Lapalala Wilderness on one-of-a-kind safaris giving insight into this unique reserve’s conservation initiatives.”