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We are united by our love for nature, our pursuit of conservation, and our passion for creating unforgettable guest experiences.
Our Management Team

With vast years of hospitality experience, our management team has been hand selected to ensure your every need is well taken care of.

Our Guiding Team

With their deep passion and knowledge of the bush, our guiding team cannot wait to show you the magical world of Lapalala’s wilderness.

Our Butlers

Blending elegance and love into everything that they do, our butlers elevate your experience by taking personal care of our guests throughout their stay with us.

Our Culinary Masters

Dedicated to crafting unforgettable dining experiences for all of our guests, our culinary maestros transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary masterpieces.

Our Housekeeping Team

The unsung heroes behind the scenes who transform our lodge spaces into pristine havens. Our housekeeping team have meticulous attention to detail and maintain an immaculate environment.

Our Maintenance Team

Always hard at work, our maintenance team is the backbone of our seamless operation and ensures that all of our facilities and services are always running smoothly.

Our Security Team

Dedicated professionals committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. They have a proactive approach and work tirelessly to create a secure environment for all of our guests.

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Stay in the heart of The
Lapalala Wilderness

Lepogo Lodges is a sanctuary that transcends time, offering a glimpse into nature's untouched beauty. Discover Lapalala with us, a destination where the legacy of wilderness preservation is etched into every rock, river, and horizon.