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Unveil the Wonders of Lapalala

Your journey with Lepogo Lodges is not just about where you stay, it's also about what you experience. Explore a world where nature's elegance and tranquility beckon you to embrace the wilderness like never before.


Gaze at the star-studded African sky with our astronomy experiences. Our expert guides will unravel the mysteries of the universe as you witness constellations that have guided travellers for millennia.

Bush Walks

Step into the heart of the wilderness with our guided bush walks. Feel the earth beneath your feet and listen to the whispers of the wild. Discover the small five and the secrets of this untamed land.

Bushman Paintings

Delve into the rich history of the land with a visit to ancient Bushman paintings. These masterpieces tell the stories of the land’s first inhabitants and offer a glimpse into its timeless past.

Conservation Vet Experiences

For a real up close and personal experience of some of our incredible animals, our guests may be able to contribute to and join a vet experience such as ear notching during their stay.


Fishing with your guide is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon along our stunning river banks.

Game drives

Embark on thrilling game drives led by our expert guides. Witness Africa’s magnificent seven and an array of wildlife in their natural habitat. Capture mesmerizing moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.

“Lepogo Lodges, is introducing luxury travelers to South Africa’s protected Lapalala Wilderness on one-of-a-kind safaris giving insight into this unique reserve’s conservation initiatives.”