Luxury Accommodation in Limpopo | Lepogo Lodges
A legacy in the making, Lepogo Lodges beckons you to a story of untouched landscapes, unrivalled luxury and a deep commitment to conservation and wilderness preservation. Nestled within South Africa's Lapalala Wilderness Reserve, we are 100% non-profit and a place where deep valleys and tumbling streams compose nature's symphony.

Noka camp

  • Villas or Exclusive Use
  • Sleeps Up to 12 Guests

Noka Camp comprises four expansive villas and one family villa, all with spectacular views and a private plunge pool. Perched atop a majestic rock face where the Palala River dances below, Noka Camp offers unparalleled safari luxury in the most sustainable way.

Launched in January 2024

Melote house

  • Exclusive Use
  • Sleeps Up to 16 Guests

Melote House emerges as an icon of exclusivity. With space for 16, our exclusive-use haven captures the essence of contemporary luxury amid the wilderness. Here, families and friends make lifelong memories together.


Crafting Moments, Forging Memories

Lepogo Lodges takes pride in curating experiences beyond imagination. Witness Africa’s awesome eight and explore the flora and fauna that paint nature’s canvas. From discovering original Bushman’s paintings to the wonder of the African sky, your journey is waiting to be forged.


A Wilderness for Discovery

A truly unique landscape, Lapalala Wilderness Reserve as we know it today was born from a desire to preserve and protect this pristine wilderness, through the reclamation and rewilding of previous farmland. Home to diverse, awe-inspiring nature, we invite you to respectfully explore the wonders that define this extraordinary land.

an exceptional conservation legacy
Our Impact

A Legacy Through Conservation

Lepogo Lodges stands as a testament to conservation and sustainability. Our story isn’t just luxury; it’s a pledge to safeguard nature and support the communities of Lapalala. Join us in crafting a legacy that echoes through generations.

“Lepogo Lodges, is introducing luxury travelers to South Africa’s protected Lapalala Wilderness on one-of-a-kind safaris giving insight into this unique reserve’s conservation initiatives.”