Protect and Preserve

  • Off the grid – all electricity is self-generated with an original bespoke solar walkway.
  • The Lepogo Lodges Carbon Offset Programme neutralizes every guests’ carbon footprint from the moment they leave their homes until their arrival at our lodge and back again. Our guests are able to calculate their carbon footprint with us and choose which project they would like us to offset their foot-print against. This is done for every guest.
  • 'Leave it as we found it’ principle. We have taken a uniquely sensitive approach in building our lodge and have built each villa and the main complex on small concrete pads to ensure our building leaves no scars on this beautiful land.
  • We use a Reduce-Reuse-Recycle principle wherever possible. Even your slippers and survival bags in the villas are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • No single serve plastic.
  • Habitat conservation projects undertaken. Lepogo Lodges honey is on the way, we are also making our own gin from botanicals only found around the reserve.