Lepogo Lodges Carbon Offset Programme

We will offset every international guests' carbon footprint from when they leave their homes to when they arrive at our lodge and back again.

Different modes of transport and different styles of travel carry different levels of emissions. When you are at the lodge, our team will go through your journey with you and calculate the carbon emissions for your journey.

We then convert this to a monetary figure and ask you to choose which of our projects below you would like us to offset your carbon footprint into.

1. Community Stove Project

community outreach Programme

Most families cook on an open stove requiring a considerable amount of wood daily which in turn creates emissions.

New stoves have been especially created to be much more efficient so that much less wood is burnt for the same amount of heating. It is estimated that they will reduce the wood used in one household by up to 2.5 tons per year.

They will save trees, hours spent collecting wood and emissions from burning less wood. Lepogo Lodges works with the Lapalala Wilderness School's community outreach project to donate these stoves.

2. SA Forest Trust

giving back to nature,one tree at a time

The South African Reforestation Trust is a biodiversity enhancement program where only locally occurring indigenous tree species are planted.

They have 4 forests to choose from :

  • Farm 215, Overberg
  • Grootvadersbosch Conservancy
  • Klein River Cheese Farm
  • Goodwill Mountain Farm


3. Stand For Trees

a global programme

Stand for Trees projects protect the worlds most spectacular forest landscapes and the communities and wildlife that call them home.

There are 16 conservation projects to choose from in Northern Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, DRC, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Madagascar, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.

Stand for trees